Rear Bumper Protector

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Shield your vehicle with Toyota Highlander, Camry and Corolla rear bump protectors

It’s all too easy to damage the back of your vehicle. Reversing into or out of car parks is a common way to have a minor collision which can be expensive to repair both your car and also any vehicle you might strike as well. Other hazards like bollards can also be easily lost from eyesight while reversing.

Bumper protectors provide a rubber barrier between your vehicle and potential hazards so that instead of a minor collision, you simply bounce off and both vehicles emerge unscathed. They can also provide an extra layer of safety from rear-end collisions that can help limit your vehicle’s damage and help minimise the chances of injury.

Nudge bars are another excellent protective accessory that can be installed to the front of your car, while we also stock a range of other accessories including dust deflectors.