Starter Motors

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Starter motors for all models of Toyota

While our alternator provides the power for starting our engine, it is the starter motor that actually gets it turning over so we can be on our way. It works by rotating the engine (or cranking it) so that it can start using its own power and is an essential part of our engine; vehicles aren’t able to operate without it.

Toyota starter motors – for HiAce, Hilux, Corolla and more

When the car won’t start, the battery, alternator and starter motor are the three most obvious culprits.

If you are trying to start your Toyota’s engine and it is winding over with less and less power each time, you most likely have a power issue with the battery or the alternator. Your starter motor is also likely to grind or make a bad smell, maybe even release an odour or fluid from the engine if it has failed.

Ensure you are regularly checking your starter motor at inspections. We allow your to access quality, authentic replacements shipped straight to your mechanic.