Driveline / Drivetrain

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Toyota driveline parts, timing belts and more

There are many parts in the driveline of your Toyota and they are all integral in the smooth operation of your vehicle.

One of the important components in the Hilux and other Toyota models is the idler pulley, which is responsible for all of the guidance and tension for drive belts. It provides a point where the engine belt can loop around so that everything runs smoothly and without this pulley, you could be looking at extensive engine damage. There is also the lower ball assembly, which is important for your suspension so you don't have a rough drive.

From OEM Toyota lower ball joints to pulleys

All of these components may be small in size, but are hugely important and should be regularly inspected for signs of wear.

If you need replacement parts, we have authentic Toyota components that are durable and come with a guarantee so you will not have to worry about failures in your driveline that could lead to expensive repairs or worse.