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Keep your Toyota Hilux on the road with our parts

When you call on your Hilux to deliver, it is going to do it in spades. Whether your model has one of the two four-cylinder diesel turbo engine variants on offer or the four-cylinder petrol motor, it is going to be tough enough to stand up to all of your work and play requirements.

Its powerful engine means you are going to get a smooth ride and comfortably carry large loads, which makes it a tradesperson's best friend. It is also perfect for camping trips, fishing trips or just getting into the Australian outback due to its power and reliability.

We have everything you need to ensure your vehicle is ready to take on any challenge, with our complete range of authentic replacement parts available online through our online finder.

Our genuine Toyota Hilux parts always deliver

There is a reason that the Hilux is the preferred 4x4 in Australia. It has been engineered to deliver excellence in every facet – and that comes down to each individual component that makes it the most reliable, strongest and most durable option on the market.

You wouldn't serve casserole steak up at a five-star restaurant, and you shouldn't put inferior products in your Hilux either, as it is going to impact its performance and longevity.

This is especially important – not just because the Hilux features such precision engineering, but because of the uses you are going to get out of your vehicle.

This model was built to take off-road and is a preferred option for weekend getaways, fishing, outback exploring, off roading and reaching places other vehicles don't dare to tread. These are not places where you want to breakdown because an aftermarket component has failed. When these products fail, they can also cause damage to other major components in your engine.

When you are buying official, genuine parts, you are purchasing reliability and peace of mind that they are going to live up to their warranty. Don't risk your safety with inferior options, when you can get official replacements at highly competitive prices from us.

We only stock genuine Hilux parts

When you need genuine parts, components and accessories for your vehicle, look no further. By using our online finder you can locate anything you need – whether it is for the interior or exterior of your vehicle, mechanical or structural, or even simple accessory replacements like car mats.

We stock products for most models, which are all genuine and come with warranties for your peace of mind. Plus we can ship these essentials to any location in Australia, so take a look through our list for your next service or when you need to replace any part.