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Toyota was at the leading edge of hybrid vehicle development with the Prius, which was released in Japan in 1997 before being launched across the rest of the world in 2000.

It was the first vehicle of its kind to be mass-produced, and has been a popular option ever since for those that want to reduce their emissions and also their fuel bills.

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What Prius car parts should you buy?

When it comes to replacements, there are some key differences between a hybrid like the Prius and traditional models of vehicle. As hybrid vehicles use both petrol and electric power, the mechanics are different – which need to be factored in when it comes to maintenance, servicing and repairs.

One of the main differences is the battery, which is lithium-ion compared to the 12V lead-acid battery you would be used to. This means you have more energy to distribute. The lack of an internal combustion engine means that there is no system to recycle excess waste heat, so a hybrid has an electric heater for those cool days.

There is a range of parts that are unique to hybrids. For example, the AWD models have a second drive model at the rear of the vehicle, which eliminates the need for a transfer case or rear driveshaft. 

There are some systems and components that will last long, like your braking system – which has regenerative qualities which means the individual components can last up to 160,000. But then there are other options which will wear out quicker, like the tyres and suspension, which have to carry the extra weight of the battery.

Why you should only choose authentic parts

All of the standard reasons apply – aftermarket parts, components and accessories are attractive in price, only because they are not going to be as durable, reliable or efficient.

They will often have no warranty and no support if something goes wrong – and when they do fail, they can take out many other components in your vehicle as well, which leads to expensive repairs.

With hybrid vehicles, it is important to remember that a lot of the technology is very new and was specifically engineered and manufactured by Toyota.

Some aftermarket alternatives can be suitable, mostly because they are generic in nature. However, knock-off hybrid parts that have not been developed by the manufacturer are far less likely to be as good – and any money you save in the purchase will be lost due to the lack of longevity and the potential damage they can cause.

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