Oil Seals

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Protect your Toyota engine with authentic oil seals

Seals are essential to keep your vehicle in good mechanical order, and they are located throughout your car. Used to stop draughts from getting in through your doors and windows, you’ll find them in your wheels and shafts, and they are also used in your brakes.

Most importantly, though, these protective barriers are present throughout the mechanics of your vehicle, including the drive train, exhaust system, transmission, brakes, suspension, power steering and more.

The primary purpose of these is to keep lubricants and fluids where they should be, and stop dirt and dust from getting into essential components. Genuine products are always best as they have been specifically made for your Toyota, therefore providing premium fit and exceptional levels of protection. 

Official driveshaft oil seals for Toyotas

To function correctly, your gearbox needs proper lubrication – with the driveshaft seal ensuring that fluids don’t leak into places that they shouldn’t. These are comprised of a solid outer ring and an inner rubber ring, with a spring supplying the tension.

Once these are fitted into the housing of the diff or transmission, it provides the barrier required to keep your fluids secure and prevent contaminants from getting in. These seals need to be checked at every inspection, but signs that yours might be about to fail include:

  • Oil leaks under your transmission
  • Regularly replacing your transmission or differential fluid
  • Erratic operation

How to prevent leaks

As well as the differential and transmission, there are many other parts of your engine that require a barrier to prevent fluid leaks and contamination from getting in. 

Authentic oil seals have been designed to withstand the high temperatures in your engine bay and protect your motor from any dirt and debris kicked up from the road. While aftermarket options can fail prematurely, our genuine parts will give you thousands of hours of driving before they need replacing.

Keep your vehicle in its best condition

Protecting your engine is essential for the safety of you and your passengers, along with preserving the long life of your vehicle. Our range comes with the Toyota guarantee and includes accessories and components including:

  • Engine gaskets: Don't trust the protection of your cylinders with cheap components. Only genuine head gaskets will give you the durability and reliability your motor needs.
  • Drive belts: If there are any signs of wear and tear in your drive belt, it needs to be replaced immediately to ensure your parts are getting the energy they need. Our genuine options are tough and will last much longer than aftermarket options.
  • Intake manifolds: To get the best performance and economy from your vehicle, you need the right blend of air and fuel that only a genuine intake manifold can deliver.

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