Car Batteries

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Keep your battery in place with official components

Your battery is the key to starting and running your vehicle, along with powering all of your electronics and creature comforts. It should be inspected and tested regularly so that you aren’t caught unawares and left stranded.

As well as the battery itself, it is important to ensure that the components keeping your battery in place are also checked. We stock replacement parts to house the battery in all models of Toyota, including:

Battery trays: This is the tray that houses your battery and stops it from moving around while you drive. It is usually made from plastic or metal, and keeps the battery secured so it doesn't become disconnected or tip over, which could cause it to leak through your engine bay.

It is important to check that this tray is in place and that your battery is locked in regularly, as the tray can become worn over time and the harness for your battery can start to come loose through the constant vibrations in your vehicle. If there are any signs of wear, then your battery tray should be replaced immediately.

Battery carrier sub-assemblies: Landcruisers use bigger batteries and are more likely to be taken off-road where they face much greater vibrations. This means they need a sturdy rig to secure the battery in place.

These battery carrier sub-assemblies are made of sturdy metal, and are bolted into your engine bay as well as to the battery itself to hold it in place. Like all parts, it can become worn and damaged over time, so it should be regularly inspected and replaced when required.

Inspecting your battery and its housing should be part of every service. You should periodically inspect them yourself as well to make sure they have not come loose.

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