Door Locks & Actuators

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Replacement Toyota door lock actuators for remote access

Locking mechanisms have come a long way. Since the early days of simple keys, we have advanced to fully electronic systems that allow for remote access for convenience and greater security.

The component behind these automated systems is called the door lock actuator, and these are located in each door of your Toyota. 

While simply clicking a button on your key to access your vehicle is an extremely simple process, there are complex mechanics at play inside your door panel. Gears and pistons are used to operate a rod that is connected to your lock. The actuator is the electronic component that receives the signal from your key, drawing power from the battery and operating the motor.

At our dealership, we stock genuine replacement components for a wide range of models including LandCruiser, Corolla, Camry and more.

How to tell if your door actuator needs replacing

Like all modern conveniences, these components are only effective when they are working. Over time they can wear out like all other electronics and they will need replacing. Signs that your electronic mechanism is failing include:

  • Noises: If you listen closely, you may hear whirring or other sounds of mechanical parts moving. These are part of the normal function of the mechanism. When these noises start to become louder or more pronounced, the gears or motor may be starting to wear out.
  • Unusual behaviour: If it takes you multiple tries to open your vehicle, or it rapidly clicks on and off in quick succession, there could be wiring issues.
  • Remote locking fails: If you can still open your car by using the key, but the ability to remotely access your vehicle has stopped, it is likely that the actuator has failed.

Replacement parts for your Toyota

Some of us are old enough to remember the days when we had to manually operate a crank to open and close our windows. Today, this operation is handled mechanically, but the components inside remain similar. This mechanical array is called the window regulator and it is operated by a button that starts a small motor to raise or lower the window. These regulators can also fail over time.

We stock affordable, genuine replacement options. On top of this, we also have a wide range of genuine electronics and components, including:

  • Door lock cylinders: The traditional barrel with pins that are operated with a physical key
  • Control cables: These are required to deliver power to the actuators
  • Replacement lock and key sets: If you have lost your keys, or need replacement options for security reasons, we have options to suit most models of Toyota.
  • Headlamp actuators: The same technology used in your doors also operates your headlamps.
  • Antennas: For when yours has snapped off or is no longer working.

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