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Find genuine Toyota HiAce parts online

Ever since 1967, Toyota HiAce has been an extremely popular option for delivery services, commuting and just to transport large families around to all of their appointments, sporting events and school.

With its highly accessible price point and all of the excellence our quality engineering provides, there is little wonder it has been so popular – as it is cheaper, more reliable and more durable than any other option in its class.

This endures today, where there is more delivery and commuting services on the road than ever. HiAce provides the perfect solution and will deliver extremely high mileage when properly serviced and maintained.

We have all the accessories and essentials you need to ensure your HiAce powers on for many years to come.

The benefits of buying genuine spare parts

There are aftermarket alternatives out there that carry smaller price tags than genuine parts, which can be a tempting option. In most cases, though, you are going to lose more than you gain with these cheaper options, which have not been officially engineered or manufactured by us.

Some of the benefits you will get by choosing authentic options and components for your HiAce include:

Fit and functionality: Authentic options have been customised for your precise model of HiAce, while aftermarket options are just copies. This means that they can be tougher to install and may not fit correctly in your vehicle, which means much more than just inconvenience.

If these products are ill-fitting and fail, you could lose more than just the individual part, as it can cause major damage to important components in your vehicle,. This can lead to massive repair bills. Meanwhile, cheaper electrical replacements can jeopardise the entire electrical system in your HiAce and even cause fires, which can be catastrophic.

Support: What happens if your aftermarket product does fail? What if it does cause major damage to your vehicle or event renders if undrivable or a write-off? Who are you going to call?

In some cases there will be support, but in most cases you are going to be left on your own. With our genuine parts, you are going to get a warranty and access to the best local support. This means you’ll be back on the road quickly in the unlikely event that your specific product does fail.

Find the exact accessory you need

We have made it extremely simple for people to access all genuine options with our finder function online. You can quickly locate and purchase the product that you need, then have it express shipped to your home or mechanic anywhere in Australia.

All of our prices are highly competitive, and every single part, component and accessory we stock is guaranteed to be genuine with the associated warranty for your peace of mind.