Wheel Bearing & Hubs

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Toyota wheel bearing replacements

When it comes to your steering, your wheel bearing hubs are one of the most integral components. They are also responsible for allowing your wheels to move freely and give you complete control of your Toyota.

If these parts – whether on your Hilux or other model – begin to degrade or components within them fail, you are going to find it extremely difficult to steer, ultimately presenting a major safety hazard.

Toyota wheel hub assembly to keep you safe

Some of the signs to look out for that could indicate you are experiencing issues with this part of your system include:

●      grinding noises when you turn;

●      snapping, clicking or popping when you are taking sharper turns;

●      vibrations coming through the steering wheel;

●      wobbling that gets worse as you go faster,

●      and poor control over your steering.

If you are experiencing any of those symptoms, book in to see your mechanic as soon as possible.