Engine Gaskets

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Authentic Toyota engine head gaskets and covers

Your engine gasket (or head gasket) is the most critical component in your motor, charged with the main job of sealing in the firing pressure from your cylinders, while also preventing coolant and oil from getting into the cylinders.

Over time it will break down. In the early stages, that will only lead to oil leaks and some minor performance issues. If it is not addressed quickly, though, it can lead to complete failure, which is highly expensive to fix – otherwise, you’ll be required to purchase a new vehicle.

The head gasket needs to be periodically inspected for any signs of repair and replaced immediately to prevent this damage from occurring. In between services, there are some signs that you should look out for, which could mean this part needs replacement:

  • Burning oil smell: It’s the gasket’s job is to prevent leaks – and when it starts to break down, oil will become exposed. Your engine runs hot, and any leak while driving will result in a potent burning smell. This should be addressed immediately.
  • Signs of dirt: Inspect the head gasket cover. If there is sludge made up of dirt surrounding it, then the cover is not doing its job correctly.
  • Oil consumption: Not every leak is highly noticeable but, regardless, this will result in excess consumption. If you find that you need to top up your oil much more often than usual, then there’s likely to be a leak somewhere.
  • Performance issues: If fuel seeps into your spark plugs, this will cause your engine to run rough and misfire.

Suppose you notice any issues with your head gasket with any model, including Tarago, Camry, Corolla, Hilux, LandCruiser or any other vehicle. In that case, it will need to be replaced. Only trust genuine parts for your vehicle.

Genuine replacements for Tarago, Camry and more

Our dealership stocks the complete range of genuine parts for a wide range of Toyotas, with options including:

  • Oil seals: Official Toyota replacements provide the perfect seal so your oil will remain where it’s supposed to, while your motor will also be protected from dirt, dust and other contaminants.
  • Intake manifolds: These ensure that you have the correct flow of air and fuel with genuine replacements.
  • Drive belts: These are responsible for transporting energy to where it needs to go throughout your engine, and need to be replaced regularly.

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