Brake Pads

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Genuine Toyota brake pads

When it comes to braking, don’t compromise the safety of you or your passengers. Your vehicle’s safety system is critical, and cheap aftermarket replacement parts can fail prematurely or function incorrectly from the get-go. That is why we advise you only to trust genuine Toyota replacements to ensure you will stop safely in all conditions.

These pads work by compressing against the rotors to create friction, which allows your vehicle to stop when needed. This pressure also generates heat, which inevitably degrades the parts over time. If they become too thin or worn completely, you risk the safety of all occupants of the vehicle and further mechanical damage.

Luckily, we stock official parts for a wide range of models, all available at the best price:

  • Aurion
  • Corolla
  • Camry
  • Prado

Signs that your Toyota brake pads need replacing

Depending on the brand, you can get up to 70,000km of life from your brake pads before they need replacing. Aftermarket options are likely to fail much sooner, though, and can fail as quickly as 15,000km.

Their lifespan will depend on a range of different factors, including the load weight, driving style, conditions and the brand and durability of the pads themselves.

Your braking system must be thoroughly checked at each inspection by a qualified mechanic. You should also get your car to the mechanic if you notice any signs of degradation, like:

  • Any noises from small squeaks up to a loud squeal
  • Grinding noises or vibrations when you are trying to stop
  • You notice that it is taking longer to stop than usual
  • A visual inspection of your pads reveals that they are too thin

We have all your replacements sorted

We stock only genuine replacements that are durable and designed to provide years of service, no matter the application. Choose from a selection of pads and other parts, including:

Beyond these, your handbrake is another vital safety feature that needs to be monitored. When this fails, it can make your car roll if it is on a slope. Alternatively, if the release cable is broken, then the handbrake will put pressure on your entire stopping system, which can cause extensive damage. 

We stock genuine replacements for Kluger, Camry, Corolla, Aurion, Prado and all other models, which will deliver the reliability and durability you need to keep your family protected. All of the products in our range are available for express shipping to any location in Australia. Be ready for your next service or repair booking with genuine replacements available at the right price.

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