Spark Plugs

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Authentic spark plugs suited for your car

The humble sparkplug is a small, inexpensive component that is essential for the running of your car, and should be inspected and replaced on a regular basis.

They are the link between your ignition system and your combustion chamber, delivering the spark you need for ignition and the smooth starting action of your vehicle. The equation is simple: no spark, no start. For this reason, they need to be regularly inspected and tested so that they can be replaced before they fail, so that you’re not left stranded on the side of the road.

Our official spark plugs are going to perform better and last longer than generic or aftermarket options. You can get the right plug for your car right here. It always pays to have replacements on hand, too.

How often do you need to change them?

Fortunately sparkplugs are very durable, although authentic replacements are going to outlast cheap alternatives by a wide margin. They should be inspected every service not only to ensure they are working correctly, but also to check that there hasn't been a build-up of contaminants that could prevent them from working.

When it comes to replacing them, you should swap them out every two years or 40,000km, whichever comes first.

What are the symptoms when they go bad?

Obviously, if you are finding it difficult to start your car, the spark plug is one of the first culprits you should look at. There are other signs you may notice while you are in motion, too, like slowed acceleration, poor acceleration, rough idling and poor fuel economy. You may also notice halting or surging in the engine while you are driving.

You can prepare for your next service with authentic replacement components. Nunawading Toyota also stocks all of the other consumables you need for your next service, including oil filters and fuel filters.

All of these parts and components have been specifically engineered for your model of Toyota, and are recommended over aftermarket alternatives.