Centre Caps & Nuts

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Replacement hubcaps, centre caps and nuts

Having a cracked or missing hubcap from the wheel of your car, or another missing component, not only makes the vehicle look shabby, but it can also be a major safety hazard as well. Fortunately, we have official branded replacements at competitive prices, and will have your car looking brand new again in no time.

We stock all of the different components associated with your vehicle. They all come with the Toyota guarantee, so you know you will be getting reliability, durability and the perfect fit for all models. Our range includes:

Hubcaps: These aren't just important for the aesthetics of your car (although we can all agree a missing cap makes your vehicle look unsightly). These are, in fact, important for your car’s lifespan overall. They have been specially designed to absorb damage that can be caused by road debris, including rocks, bits of metal and other elements that can lessen the life of your wheels.

Official branded caps will match up with your existing options so they will look uniform. These are all guaranteed to be the perfect fit for the best protection possible.

Centre caps: Official centre caps make your wheels look fantastic. They also serve another important purpose, though – which is to help keep dirt and grime from accumulating on the spindle nut and bearings. We have replacement options available for all models if yours becomes lost or damaged over time.

Wheel discs: Don't trust aftermarket components. This part has the essential duty of connecting the rim and the axle hub. Official Toyota replacements are going to give you the strength and reliability you need.

Wheel caps: To provide complete coverage and the best in protection, only trust official replacements.

Nunawading Toyota has a complete range of replacement parts and components, including full wheels as well as towbars, and all of your other structural and mechanical needs. All of our parts are guaranteed and can be shipped to any home or mechanic’s garage around the country.