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Parts for RAV4

Nunawading Toyota is home to some of the most affordable genuine parts for RAV4 in Australia. Take a look at our entire catalogue to find your car model and choose from our extensive collection of spares Toyota

Which parts for RAV4 can be customised?

The Toyota RAV4 gives you plenty of opportunities to tweak its look and feel before taking it out on weekend adventures. Take a look at the items below to find out the parts for RAV4 you can customise.


You can swap out the wheels on your RAV4 with ones that cater to your driving requirements. There is a multitude of options on the market varying in size, material, and design to suit your personal taste. 

Roof racks

A roof rack is perfect for boosting the cargo capacity of your RAV4 if you want to take large recreational equipment such as a bike, a snowboard, or a kayak along on your journey. You can find genuine roof racks made of high-strength materials that meet the stringent requirements of Toyota. 

Side steps

The side steps act as a platform that makes it easy to access the top of your RAV4 when mounting and dismounting equipment on the roof rack. You can find genuine side steps made of high-tensile fasteners to ensure a robust connection to the vehicle and protect the body from damage on off-road excursions.

Tow bars

A tow bar enables you to haul something larger that you can fit in your RAV4, including a boat or a trailer. It is best that you choose a genuine tow bar to ensure durability and compatibility with your chassis.

Nudge bars

A nudge bar delivers protection against knocks and bumps while giving your RAV4 a bold look. We recommend that you choose a genuine model featuring a bracket system that works in conjunction with the safety specifications and sensors of your vehicle to give you peace of mind.


The addition of mudguards minimises the chance of damaging your chassis when you drive over stones and other debris that shoots out of your tyres. You just have to ensure you pick ones that are made to fit your RAV4.

Bonnet protectors

The purpose of a bonnet protector is to enhance the appearance of your RAV4 while providing a layer of protection against light damage from road debris on your hood. It should be made of durable acrylic that is resistant to cracking and discolouration. 


These practical accessories attach to the frame surface above the windows of your RAV4 to restrict wind and water entry when you drive with the windows open slightly. They enable you to allow airflow through the cabin without exposing the interior to the elements.

Headlamp covers

You can instal headlamp covers to keep your RAV4 looking new for longer. These accessories attach to your car through metal clips that make them easy to remove for cleaning. 

Interior accessories

RAV4 modifications extend beyond exterior components or body parts since you can also find an extensive range of interior accessories. These include floor mats, cargo barriers, cargo nets, dashboard cameras, and seat covers that are sure to enhance your driving experience.

Do they make spare parts for Toyota RAV4 1994?

The 1994 Toyota RAV4 is a vehicle that has been on the road for over two decades, attesting to its durability and reliability. You can still find spare parts and accessories for it, be it the two-door SXA10 or the four-door SXA11. 

The problem with its acclaim is the prevalence of counterfeit parts that imitate genuine parts for RAV4. These parts do not undergo stringent testing to ensure compliance with design requirements and quality standards set by Toyota. You should never settle for counterfeits and risk affecting the performance and safety of your vehicle. 

Can I purchase small RAV4 accessories online?

Australia has no shortage of genuine Toyota accessories dealers for those seeking original Toyota RAV4 spare parts and that of other models online. These dealers can accommodate orders throughout the country, whether you live in major cities such as Melbourne or in the suburbs such as Nunawading.

Nunawading Toyota is a landmark dealership aiming to make affordable genuine parts and accessories more accessible over the internet. We are sure to have the components you need, be it for your engine, transmission, driveline, electronics, exhaust, cooling, lighting, or suspension. You can think of us as your very own Toyota car part centre accessible right at home. 

Nunawading Toyota strives to maintain and improve the seamless online shopping experience we provide our customers. We can help you find online Toyota parts that fit your exact model with our extensive catalogue and intuitive parts finder. We also give you the option to choose between our delivery and Click & Collect service according to your convenience. 

Why settle for unreliable suppliers when you can get genuine parts from a genuine dealer? We also boast a flexible one-month returns policy that enables you to return your order so long as the items are in resalable condition and in their original packaging. Feel free to contact our team if you have questions or concerns about our spare parts Toyota

There is no better place for online Toyota spare parts near you than Nunawading Toyota. Take a look at our huge inventory of parts for RAV4 now.