Service Parts

Everything you need for your next service

Whether your Toyota is brand new or a decade old, regular servicing is essential to ensure it is running smoothly, safely and that it will continue to be reliable for a long time to come. It is recommended that you service your Toyota every six months or 10,000km, whichever comes first. 

Many people like to service and maintain their vehicle more often, ensuring that all of the consumables are monitored and replaced as required. Whether you are taking your Toyota to a mechanic for an official service or just checking under the hood at home yourself, we have all of the OEM consumables needed for servicing your Toyota, including:

Air filters: Even when you are driving in the city, there are all kinds of contaminants that can try and sneak their way into your engine, including dirt, dust, insects and bugs, sand, particles and various road debris. Any of these contaminants can cause issues in your engine, cause parts to become clogged and pollute the various fluids that make your engine run. OEM air filters will provide the safety barrier you need to stop these contaminants.

Cabin filters: Just like your engine, your heating and cooling system for the cabin of your Toyota can become infiltrated by the same contaminants. These filters prevent them from getting into your HVAC system which can cause blockages and damage, as well as preventing them from getting into the cabin where you and your passengers could breathe them in.

Fuel filters: These protect your fuel lines from contamination which is essential in all engines, especially modern motors where there is little room for tolerance when it comes to pollutants in your fuel.

We have a wide range of OEM assemblies for your filtration and cleaning systems, and everything else you will need for your next service.

This includes spark plugs, battery trays, replacement cooler pipes, wiper blades, headlamp washers, oil filter caps, motors and tanks for your windshield washer and wiper systems – and everything else you need to keep your Toyota running smoothly for longer.