Air Filters

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Genuine air filters for your Toyota

These components are an important essential in your vehicle, ultimately because they prevent dirt, dust, pollen, debris, mud and contaminants from getting into your system. However, they also need to be replaced at least once a year, usually at service time, in order to prevent your engine from becoming damaged.

Having clean and operational filters installed will also mean your car is running more efficiently, reducing your emissions across the board. It’s for this reason that we encourage you to regularly replace them over time.

How to check your Pradoo, Corolla or Camry air filter

You can manually inspect your system to check for excess dirt dirty and in need of replacement. But there are also telltale signs like reduced fuel economy, dark smoke coming out of the exhaust, a misfiring engine or a smell of petrol when starting the car.

Nunawading Toyota Parts has a range of official replacements including options for the Camry and Prado, as well as most other models.