Timing Belts & Tensioners

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Timing belts and tensioners for a wide range of Toyota vehicles

Keeping the rhythm of your vehicle going is an important job and this component acts as a chain that’s responsible for ensuring your valves are opening and closing at the right time for optimal performance.

This is a chain that needs to be monitored closely, as it can cause enormous damage if it breaks while you are driving. Because it runs through the crankshaft, valves and the camshaft, it can lead to damage to any of these components if not looked after.

Replace your Hilux, Landcruiser, Hiace or other model’s timing belt

A sign that this part might be on the way out is a ticking or clicking noise coming from the engine or oil leakage from the front of your vehicle. Always ensure your system is looked at by your mechanic at each inspection and replace when advised or when there is any sign of wear.

Whether you are looking for a timing belt for your Hilux, Camry, Landcruiser, Prado or any other model of Toyota, we have all of the authentic products available at affordable prices.