Drive Belts (Fan Belts) & Tensioners

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Genuine drive belts and tensioners for Toyotas

Your vehicle is driven by a series of drive belts that enable the different components to move and carry power. The serpentine (also known as a fan or drive belt) winds its way through your engine. It delivers power to several components like your alternator, water pump, air pump and power steering, as well as your accessories like your air-conditioning.

The serpentine is also known as a V-belt, which has been specifically designed for your model to ensure you are getting the perfect fit and that it functions perfectly. We have a full selection of replacements available for a range of models, with features including:

  • Heat-resistant materials to ensure reliability and durability
  • Extended flexibility compared to aftermarket fan options
  • Rubber coating for a longer life

These should be regularly inspected for any signs of wear. There are also signs you can notice that your serpentine is failing, including:

  • Squealing noises from the front of the vehicle due to slippage of misalignment
  • Your power steering or air-conditioning stops working
  • Engine overheating as your water pump is not operating correctly

Don’t wait until your timing belt fails to replace it.

We also stock timing belts, which are another vital component of your vehicle. This is a rugged strap that synchronises your camshaft and crankshaft. As the camshaft rotates, it opens and closes your valves, allowing for the proper flow of air and fuel into the cylinders of your engine. The timing of this operation needs to be in sync with the crankshaft movement, which converts the piston movement into the motion used for your transmission and wheels.

As this strap is so large, it can cause significant mechanical damage if it snaps while driving. These can last up to 7-10 years, but this depends on the driving you are doing, the conditions, and the quality of the option you have purchased. It should be periodically inspected and swapped out when there is any sign of wear with a genuine replacement.

Tensioner assemblies and other mounts and seals

Tensioners are the components that keep your belts in place, ensuring the right amount of tension is applied consistently. This also protects vital parts like your alternator and water pump, which can fail prematurely if extra stress is put on them.

We have official replacements for all recent models. We also stock a wide range of other components, including:

  • Engine gaskets: These are vital to ensure that your vehicle retains fluids, maintains pressure, and prevents dirt, dust and other debris from getting into your motor.
  • Engine mounts: Only trust authentic Toyota mounts to keep your engine and transmission in place.
  • Oil seals: These close the spaces between moving components to seal in your lubricant and block out contaminants.

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