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Toyota Kruger parts and accessories

Toyota Kluger is a collision of safety and style. With enough room for seven people, it is the ultimate family and people mover for all occasions.

This model has been made for comfort, with its lush interior and entertainment system that reaches every passenger, even the little ones up the back. It is also loaded with a range of innovative safety features including Toyota Safety Sense, and it has been engineered to keep you safe if you’re ever involved in a minor accident.

It is powered by a 3.5L Dual VVT-i V6 engine, and has an eight-speed automatic gearbox to give you all of the grunt you need. Every single seat has been designed to be extremely comfortable and has airbags included for the safety of all occupants.

The Kluger itself is a breeze to drive and is extremely smooth and quiet, which makes it the perfect family vehicle for the modern age.

We have all of your replacements covered with our online finder function on our site – so you can be prepared for any service, minor repair or upgrade, all the way up to major repairs.

The risks of using aftermarket parts and accessories

Unless you are having your Kulger serviced or repaired at any official dealership, there is a chance your mechanic is going to use aftermarket options, which can lead to a range of issues.

As they are not genuine, they do not feature the same engineering as genuine products, which mean they are inferior copies. They are not going to be as durable or have the performance and longevity of official parts – and could prematurely fail, which can lead to damage to other components in your vehicle and expensive repair bills.

Some of these aftermarket options are completely counterfeit as well, which means there is no support, no warranty and nowhere to turn when they ultimately fail and damage your vehicle.

We understand the temptation is there to purchase these third-party and aftermarket components because of the price difference – which is why we offer all OEM products at highly competitive prices. The cost of installing aftermarket components may prove to be much greater anyway if they fail or become faulty prematurely.

Use our online finder to locate everything you need

We make finding components and accessories simple with our directory of official parts in our finder section on our website.

Whether you need consumables for your next service, interior replacements like a new gear stick knob and carpet mats, exterior accessories, like mud flaps and windows, or anything mechanic from filters and hoses through to full replacement engines, we have got you covered.

Simply find what you need in our directory, add it to your cart and we will have it express shipped to your mechanic or any other address in Australia.