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Toyota Tarago accessories and spare parts online

Toyota Tarago has a unique Australian influence, being named after the small New South Wales town of the same name. It has been a popular people mover in Australia since the early 1980s and has remained a reliable eight-seater option to this very day.

With Toyota ceasing manufacturing in Australia in 2019, that means that year's model was the last one produced, but these vehicles are still a very popular option and many can still be seen on the road today.

The Tarago began life as a commercial delivery van based on the LiteAce, but over the years it has evolved into a people mover that is perfect for large families and other businesses, charities and medical centres that need to transport people around town. While the Tarago is distinctly Australian, its popularity meant that the engineering has been taken abroad under the Previa badge.

While the discontinuation of the Tarago was a sad day, there are still many of them out there with happy owners. We have all the essentials and accessories to ensure you get the longest life out of your Tarago as possible.

We make it easy to find genuine Tarago parts

Whenever a vehicle is discontinued, that unfortunately usually means that these products can be harder to come by. This can make it tempting to head towards aftermarket alternatives, but this is not a good option if you want your Tarago to have a long life.

Our engineering is known around the world for its excellence. These alternatives do not live up to those standards, so they are not going to be as durable, efficient or reliable as genuine parts.

When they fail, you will not have access to the same levels of support and they often don't come with reliable warranties either. Plus, when these components fail they can cause damage to a range of other major areas of your system, so they can cause way more problems than they solve.

The good news is that you can bookmark our finder page online so you have access to brand new genuine replacements for all models. You can continue to service your Tarago with authentic filters, fluids and every other replacement you need. 

When areas of your vehicle begin to wear out - like your carpet mats, gear knob etc, you will have access to the right options that will be the perfect fit. If there are any bumps, scrapes or dents, you know you can get authentic replacements. We stock everything mechanical, all the way up to complete replacement engines. 

You can keep running well into the future thanks to our reliability and our authentic components and accessories. You will find everything you need in our finder and if you cannot locate it, our team will be happy to find it for you and have it express shipped to your location.