Cylinder Heads

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Replacement cylinder heads

The cylinder head sits at the top of your engine and is responsible for closing the combustion chamber, making it a highly important part of your vehicle.

Toyota has a strong reputation for building quality engines, parts and components. This is true of our cylinder heads as well, as they are engineered to the highest of standards.

This means that OEM replacements advised as aftermarket replacements are not going to deliver those high standards, so they can fail prematurely and leave you out of pocket.

Nunawading Toyota is your local OEM replacement parts specialist for all models of Toyota. We can help get you back on the road in no time, with authentic cylinder head replacements that will last for many, many years to come.

How do I know if the head is failing?

Cylinder heads are placed under extreme heat pressure as an integral part of your engine, relying heavily on your coolant system.

If your vehicle overheats, the cylinder head is one of the components most at risk of being cracked, warped or broken. It could begin as a small crack at first that allows your vehicle to function, but over time it is going to worsen and you are going to lose more and more performance.

If your vehicle has overheated regularly and you are starting to notice a rapid drop in coolant levels, that could be the sign of a failed cylinder head that is leaking the coolant required to keep it functional. 

You will also notice a significant drop in your engine performance and excess smoke coming out of your exhaust. When the crack or damage becomes too great, the vehicle will not start.

Nunawading Toyota stocks a complete range of OEM Toyota engine parts, along with components like transfer cases and much more. All of these parts and components come with the authentic Toyota guarantee and are priced to be competitive. They are significantly more reliable than slightly cheaper aftermarket parts and will be a perfect fit for your vehicle every time.