Wiper Blades

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See clearly in all conditions

It goes without saying that it is important that your wiper blades are functioning correctly during inclement weather so that you are able to see properly and drive safely.

As these blades are made from rubber they are going to degrade. This can go unnoticed if there are long gaps between rain showers, so it is important they are checked regularly so you don't discover they are not working anymore when it is too late.

What causes them to degrade?

It is not just continued use that causes your wipers to go bad. As they are located on your front and rear windshields, they are exposed to the elements around the clock. Sunlight, heat, extreme cold and road debris can cause them to become hardened and cracked, which means they are not going to function correctly.

Faulty wipers can do more than just cause streaks

When wipers get hard and cracked, they can also collect small rocks and other debris – so when you try and use them, they are just going to cause smudges and streaks. Beyond that, they can also chip and scratch your windscreen which could result in a replacement being needed, so it is important that you regularly replace your wiper blades.

How long do they typically last?

Depending on the environment you live in, the shelf life of wiper blades could be just a couple of months.

If your vehicle is regularly exposed to extreme heat or cold, it is going to expedite the degradation of your wipers. That is why you should not install cheap options for your vehicle, because they are not going to last.

Nunawading Toyota stocks official Toyota blades, which are made from tough material with UV resistant qualities so they will last much longer in all conditions.

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